Non-profit organizations benefit the economy and enrich the life of our Community. To accomplish their goals, they require specialized audit and consulting services that resolve those special needs.

Today, Ecuador faces substantial legal regulation in the tax and operational areas and, as never before, these have influenced the life of these entities.

Our Clients include international and local foundations and government entities. We have a deep specialization in this sector, and we are short-listed for project audits of the Interamerican Development Bank, Global Fund, Misereor, Pan para el Mundo, European Union, among many other international donors. Additionally, we are proud to have audited several social clubs and the majority of business associations in the country.

Government and not for profit

 Baker Tilly International  has a specialized division in the attention of Government accounts and Public Sector entities.


  • Special compliance reviews
  • Compilation of financial reports of non-profit organizations under US-GAAP or other international referents.
  • Budgets
  • Processes and internal control