We provide timely solutions and certainties to investors, entrepreneurs, and organizations through Assurance and Consulting quality services.

A proud history

We were born from the accounting practice of renowned tax law practice Sánchez Coronel, founded 1984. Since 1996, when we constituted as an Audit Firm, we have provided our services to hundreds of businesses and entities in all sectors. Since then, we have refined and expanded our practice and today we are one of the most recognized Ecuadorian firms for its structure, professional ethics, and technical specialization.

Since 2004 we are part of Baker Tilly International, one of the top 10 professional networks, from which we took its name in 2007.


COMPROMISE: Partners in the field. Genuine relationships with Clients, employees and the community.

INTEGRITY: Prudent council. Well-founded opinions. 

DEPTH: The necessary scope to generate innovative ideas.