Rene Hernan Sanchez

CPA. Comercial Engineer (PUCE)

Master of Science (ADEN/Swiss Business School).

Partner, Tax & Financial Services

María Elena Pazmiño

CPA. Commercial Engineer (PUCE), Summa Cum Laude

Certified Internal Auditor (Institute of Internal Auditors)

Partner, Audit and Assurance

Fernando Valenzuela Bastidas

CPA. Commercial Engineer (PUCE).

Magister in Business Administration 

Magister in Accounting and Audit

Partner, Audit and Assurance

Maria José Sanchez

Lawyer (UISEK).

Executive Taxation Director


Pablo Esteban Sánchez

Lawyer (PUCE)

Master in Tax Law (Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar).
Associate, Legal Partner

Sánchez Coronel Law Practice

David Rodríguez

Certified Coach

Labor Competence Specialist

Partner, Human Talent Consulting