Preventive Tax Diagnosis

This service is focused on the client and his tranquility in the long term. We are specialists. We have developed a methodology that ensures the timely detection of the contingency as well as the exploitation of the opportunity.

A specialized internal audit service, confidential, which offers the following benefits. 

  • Risk management and tax contingencies
  • Potential savings
  • Constructive recommendations
  • On the go tax management training
  • Confidenciality
  • Support in solution strategies

Due Diligence

Is a multi-discipline investigation which supports M&A and business reorganization processes, with a focus on risk detection and contingencies in general. In high-risk environments, it is of prime importance to cover the following aspects, which generate value in the reviews practiced in these cases:

  • Impact of doubtful application regulations
  • Labor relationships
  • Unresolved tax matters.
  • Potential tax costs for an inadequate legal structuration of the business
  • Commercial lawsuits
  • Regulatory agencies intervention
  • Technology
  • Real state matters