Our structure at your disposition, in a flexible and modular form

International businesses and entities in their starting stages, new local startups, and entities that simply analyze the convenience of reducing administrative expenses can rest in our human, physical and technological structures to cover their necessities.

Through the Outsourcing services and without additional labor risks, we offer to manage all the functions of the “Back Office” to increment efficiency in operations and profitability of your business. With adequate software and of our operational infrastructure besides the financial and accounting roles, we cover the following, among others:

  • Manual and electronic invoicing
  • Telephonic collections
  • Accounts receivable causation and treasury
  • Complete payroll outsourcing, social security, and human resources
  • Permanent inventories
  • Additional benefits are the personalized reporting, 24/7 access, and support from professionals of all disciplines in the financial and legal areas, which distinguishes us from paraprofessional services.

Huddle is a simple but powerful collaboration tool. Our Clients can benefit from the benefits of having a safe and organized place for their important accounting records, shared use documents, and our communications. This will be available at all times, all places, and from any device that You use. Huddle gives us a safe way of supervising tasks related to the provision of services crossing organizational and jurisdictional frontiers. 

A simple task management tool, which provides Baker Tilly Ecuador and its Clients access to key information at any time and place.