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We have had to live the most important disruptive global impact event in a hundred years. Globalization allowed the virus to spread around the world in a few weeks, but at the same time the same globalization and current levels of development, have allowed technology to communicate and enable us to work with many of the world’s inhabitants, as well as find reliable means of detecting and diagnosing the disease and developing the vaccines we look forward to today. I wonder what would have been ours if the pandemic had occurred just twenty-five years ago when we were traveling through a mainly analog world.

The flow of money into the UK’s retail logistics sector hit a record high of £4.7bn during 2020, as investors shifted cash from office properties and shopping centres to e-commerce. Real estate advisor Knight Frank forecasts that for every additional £1 billion pounds of online retail sales in the UK, another 126,000 sqm of warehouse space will be necessary.

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On March 25, 2021 IASB proposed a new approach to pave the way for better communication in the notes to the financial statements.

IASB is asking the stakeholders for public comment to develop the IFRS disclosure requirements.

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